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Primary School

Late/Absence Procedures



If your child is absent from school due to illness, please phone or email the office before 08:45.  If a member of staff is not present in the office, a message can be left on the answerphone.  If your child is unwell for more than one day, please continue to contact the office so that we are sure of their whereabouts.  If we do not receive a message and your child is not in school, we will contact you to update our records.


Term time absence is only authorised in exceptional circumstances as agreed by the Headteacher.  To request term time absence for a holiday or other reason, please contact the office to obtain an 'Application for Leave of Absence' form.  


As we all know, regular attendance at school is vital for children to make good social and academic progress.  We aim for all children to have attendance of above 95%; if it slips below 90% this can have a significant impact on children’s learning.  As a school, we do not authorise term-time holidays, in line with Local Authority and Government guidance.  Please note that any term-time holidays that are three days or over will be sent to the Local Authority and a penalty notice could be issued.  Further information can be found at




If you are late to school and the gate is closed, please arrive at the main office and sign your child in.