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School Council

This year we bought some new play equipment for the school. In the school Council meeting we looked at some books and found some equipment. We made sure that there were things that everyone would enjoy. We got the equipment so that we can have some more fun at break time. We showed the new equipment in and assembly. We have some pictures of the equipment being used.
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School Council Mission Statement

Somersham School Council gives every pupil in our school a voice.

During class Council time, we will listen carefully to what children say and make sure everyone has the chance to share their ideas, views, concerns and solutions.

We will respect everyone’s opinions and work hard to encourage cooperation and confidence.

We want to make our school a fun place to learn and grow.



Top Tips for being a SUPER councillor !

  • Be organised and work as a team        
  • Use clear voices
  • Hold regular meetings
  • Make sure you have time to feedback and listen to your class.
This year we have made sure that all the children know about the anti-bullying policy by writing a child friendly version.
We spent a long time taking photographs and then made a film. You can watch the film on our school website. You will see some of the things we found out and see the children in our school making choices and working together. Click on the link  below to watch our film.

Somersham Pupil Voice Research Collaboration Event Video March 2011

A video created by the Somersham Primary School Eco Council for the Pupil Voice Research Collaboration Event on 29th March 2011.