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Welcome to a section on the school’s website dedicated to our environmental work in and around the school. We believe that by raising awareness of the benefits and promoting the use and enjoyment of the natural environment, we can also encourage and highlight the need for its care.


What’s new in the year ahead?  


Protecting our world - making sustainable choices

Sustainable development is a way of thinking about how we organise our lives and work so that we don't destroy our most precious resource, the planet. From over-fishing to global warming, our way of life is placing an increasing burden on the planet, which cannot be sustained. Things which wereonce taken for granted such as a secure supply of energy or a stable climate do not look so permanent now. If our prosperity is tied to the health of the planet, then no one's well-being is secure unless the environment is protected. If we cannot prosper in a world that suffers from poverty, inequality, war and poor health, then our future is intimately bound up in the future of other people and places.


Eco Council Mission Statement

Somersham School Eco Council tries to encourage every pupil in our school to care for our environment. The council will help everyone to do this through giving information and by setting a good example. We will help pupils take part in Class Council meetings where everyone can contribute ideas and opinions. We want to make the world a better place and encourage pupils to become happy, healthy responsible citizens. We want to make our school a fun place to learn and grow.

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Top Tips

  • Encourage change and new ideas.
  • Keep it simple and don't try to do everything. Small differences all add up and it is better than No difference!
  • Together Everyone Achieves More = TEAM Co-operation and teamwork will help us to achieve more.


At Somersham School we believe strongly in the messages behind sustainable development, and we are making some practical changes to our daily routines as a result. Our Eco Code details the measures that all children and staff are encouraged to follow, and we are pleased with the improvements in our use of resources such as water, energy, paper and plastic so far.

Raising the green flag: Looking out for our world

Reaffirming our children’s commitment to building a sustainable future.

We are delighted to announce that following a visit to the school by assessors from Cambridgeshire?s Environmental Team (CEES),  our school has been reaccredited with the prestigious Eco Schools? Green Flag award, which symbolises 'excellence in the field of environmental activity'. In their preliminary judgement, members of the Assessment Team complimented the children?s knowledge, enthusiasm and energy towards more than meeting the award?s strict eight point criteria.



Children from our Eco and School Councils shared their experiences in planning major projects and changing attitudes on the way to Green Flag status, a detailed process that spanned 18 months. We are extremely proud of the children's efforts, coordinated expertly as ever by Ms Denton, which continue to enhance the school's reputation for creative thinking and learning.